Saara's Poetry and Prose Publications


PUBLICATIONS, Poetry           

"In Favor of Defenestrating Children," forthcoming in PANK

"Love in the Land of Jellyfish," Word Riot, March 2015

“All I know of white,” Here: Women Writing on Michigan's Upper PeninsulaMichigan State University Press, May 2015

“Stop Me If,” Cream City Review, Vol. 37, Issue 2

“Incantation for Waitresses, Waiting,” Iron Horse Literary Review, Vol. 15, #4, nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2013

“Stuck,” The Way North, Upper Peninsula New Works, Wayne State University Press, 2013, nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2013 

“Winter Correspondence,” Subtropics 15, Spring 2013, nominated for Best New Poets in 2013

“The Nervous System Speaks,” Blackbird, Vol. 11, #1, Spring 2012, nominated for Best New Poets in 2013

“Elegy with Lake Effect,” Blackbird, Vol. 11, #1, Spring 2012

“A Battleship Examines Its Faith,” Rattle, #35, Summer 2011

“Given and Shed,” The Gettysburg Review, Summer 2011

“PSA on the Dangers of Fire,” Birmingham Poetry Review, #38, Spring 2011, nominated for Best New Poets in 2011

“Yard Sale,” Two Weeks, A Digital Anthology of Contemporary Poetry, Linebreak Press, 2011

“Advice for Icarus from Celebrated Funambulist the Great Farini,” Southern Poetry Review, Fall 2010, republished as a broadside by Shechem Press in 2012

“All I know of white,” 32 Poems, Fall 2010, nominated for Best New Poets in 2011

“Arachne in Detention,” Cave Wall, Summer 2010, reprinted on Verse Daily, Nov. 7, 2010

“Our days are finally looking up,” Cave Wall, Summer 2010

“The Hardwood Laments Its Lowly Position,” The Cincinnati Review, Summer 2010

“Don’t Let’s Talk Things through Anymore,” The Cincinnati Review, Summer 2010

“Derrida at His Mother’s Deathbed,” Harvard Review Online, April 2010

“Discourse on Market Day,” Inkwell, Spring 2010

“Kissimmee Ghost Tour,” The South Carolina Review, Spring 2010

“Honeymoon,” 42opus, January 2010

“The Race,” 42opus, January 2010

“Hospice Care,” The Spoon River Poetry Review, Summer/Fall 2009

“Letter to Tesla from Edison, Written on his Deathbed,” Isotope Fall/Winter 2009

“72 Hour Observation, Journal for Dr. Saper,” RHINO 2009

“Deer Blind,” Sotto Voce, Spring 2009

“At Our Cabin,” Birmingham Poetry Review, #34: Winter/Spring 2007

“In Winter, the Perch Move,” Birmingham Poetry Review, #34: Winter/Spring 2007

“Cross-Country,” Birmingham Poetry Review, #34: Winter/Spring 2007


PUBLICATIONS, Prose           

"Do You Know About Motion Poems? If You Teach Poetry, You Will Want to Know This," essay in The Review Review, 2014

“The Figure a Sestina Makes,” a review of editor Daniel Nester’s The Incredible Sestina Anthology, forthcoming in American Book Review

“Commonplace Tragedies and Wild Miracles,” a review of Christopher Shipman’s Human Carrying Flight Technology, American Book Review, July/August 2012

“To Failure,” Blackbird, Vol. 11 #1, Spring 2012

Essay on C.K. Williams’ The Singing, National Book Foundation website, Summer 2011

“His Forked Voice Licked My Mortal Ears Clean,” review of Rebecca Dunham’s The Flight Cage, The Rumpus, 2011

“Greeting Cards from the Edge,” a review of Rhett Eastman Trull’s The Real Warnings, American Book Review, January/February 2011

“Poetry in the Parking Lot,” a review of C.L. Bledsoe’s Anthem, American Book ReviewSeptember/October 2010

“Who’s There,” a review of Heather Hartley’s Knock Knock, The Rumpus, 2010

“An Extended Jam Session,” review of C.D. Wright’s Rising, Falling Hovering, American Book Review, March/April 2009